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Who is TsuBoss Brake Racing

TsuBoss Brake Racing is a greek company , founded in 2000. They manufacture brake systems for motorcycles.

Through constant reasearch on materials and manufacturing process and technology they have managed to become one of the best known brands in the motorcycle world. Furthermore , they have managed from 2009 to become active in producing brake systems for race cars while continuing the research on their products through tecnhological innovation.

Intro Product

Why TsuBoss?

Tsuboss Brakes offer customers products that top world champions use on their motorcycles

  • Best offered technology for any use.
  • Quality guarantee for safe driving.
  • Continuous improvement of product performance.
  • Excellent quality / price ratio.
  • Excellent Customer Care
  • Great Product availability

Find at Tsuboss everything you need for your brakes.

Certified By TUVRheinland


TUV Rheinland Group is a global leader in independent testing , inspection and certification services. Many individuals and many companies trust TUV Rheinland for keeping a high standard on products and services. TsuBoss Brake Racing has been certified by the esteemed TUV Rheinland meeting all their standards for providing high quality products.

TUV KBA No: E1 90R-01324/768

Europe Manufactured

All TsuBOSS products are designed and manufactured in Europe.



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