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230Vac Swing Gates electronic control unit

433,92 MHz PLL radio receiver with memory for up to 250 controls

Hersteller : Autotech
Artikel Nr. : AT-8070-D
Barcode : 5210119000692
Verfügbarkeit : Auf Lager

The AT-8070-D control board is suitable for two 230VAC actuators for single or double swinging gate. The max absorption of the device is 650W per 230Vac at 50Hz.The setup of the parameters must be carried out after the installation of all the equipment.

Official Autotech Distributor
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  • Built in 433,92 MHz PLL radio receiver with memory for up to 250 controls.
  • Motor torque control.
  • Slow speed time setting.
  • Automatic closing setting.
  • Input for safety device such as photocells, sensitive edges or safety edges.
  • Input for automatic opening device such as motion tracking device, inductive loop detectors or infrared sensors.
  • Input for pedestrian open button.
  • Output for blinker or courtesy lights.
  • Easy working time setting.
  • Diagnostic LED for installation and working testing.
  • Size: Enclosure 250 Χ 190 Χ 100 mm PCB: 164 X 103.
  • SMD technology/ CE Compliance.

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